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Massive Publicity + Quick Growth of Honest Reviews
• Massive Promotion:
24 hours a day + Social Media Marketing
• Target Readers:
who are specifically interested in your book
• Honest Reviews:
from real readers
• Popularity:
rapid growth of your reputation as an author
• Visibility:
without fame or record sales, your book will receive massive exposure
• Selection:
the author decides who they'd like to gift their Kindle Books to as well as how many units to offer as free reads.
• Control:
you rate the reader’s commitment to the community
- Challenge 1 – Lack of Visibility:

The platform through which you sell your books offers greatest visibility to the titles in the first spots on their lists and publicity mechanisms, especially favoring best-selling authors and titles. Books by unknown authors therefore remain hidden from the hundreds of thousands of potential readers who their work could engage.

As a part of your membership, we work with you through different and powerful social media marketing tools (SEE MORE HERE). The Books Machine promotes your books within our community and through advanced strategies supported with paid social advertising by us.

- Challenge 2 – Reviews: The lack of quantity and quality of comments by readers promotes a vicious cycle. A book with few comments will not inspire new readers to buy it and a book that doesn't sell will not receive enough comments. This is fatal for many new authors who must compete with renowned writers with the support of major publishing houses and huge external publicity campaigns.

It is proven that readers tend to follow certain trends especially where unknown authors and titles are concerned. This is logical since no one wants to waste their time and money on a book that they may not enjoy. Once the reader has evaluated the title and description of the work, they pay specific attention to two factors before making a final decision:
a) Other reader’s comments on the book; b) The quantity of reviews on the book: the reader supposes that a book with many reviews is a book with many people interested in reading it and therefore they have more confidence in the book and are more likely to purchase it.

The Books Machine offers a quick and effective solution to both challenges by enabling an author to make their work known to readers on a massive scale through various marketing tools and obtain short term results of honest reviews from users in a spirit of collaboration between authors and their readers.

The Books Machine allows authors to find readers with REAL INTEREST IN THEIR WORK. Authors choose the readers to whom they would like gift a digital version of their book. The reader commits to read the book and write an honest review within 30 days. The author who exhibits their book on The Books Machine can decide whether or not to give their book away, how many copies, and to which readers.

In order to assure collaboration and quality reviews, The Books Machine allows the author to evaluate each request for a free copy of their book PRIOR TO THEIR ACCEPTANCE. We use a straightforward application system in which the reader briefly explains their interest in the author's work and their reasons for requesting a free copy. Additionally, each reader has a reputation that is based on their history of fulfilling commitments to other authors on the site.

An author has access to all the elements necessary to evaluate BEFOREHAND whether the reader is trustworthy, has a real interest, and most importantly, whether they believe that the book will be truly enjoyable to the given reader. This is key to an author's ability to promote their work and ensure that it reaches the EXACT TARGET READERS FOR THEIR BOOK. This makes a major difference to the quality of the reviews. As we know, happy readers write good reviews which translate to higher sales.

The author is no longer vulnerable! The Books Machine offers the author a powerful weapon: their readers' ratings. If a reader does not meet their commitment to write an honest review within the allotted time, the author may give the reader a negative rating. No other authors will want to gift their books to readers with negative ratings. So in order to receive more free books in the future the reader has a strong incentive to meet their commitment to read and write an honest review on time. Both the reader and writer are motivated to do their part!

Another advantage of this collaboration that generates better and more frequent reviews comes from the contact between author and reader. Readers often need help to understand certain aspects of a work in order write a quality review. Through The Books Machine, an author can respond directly to doubts or questions before the reader emits their final verdict! And what's more, the author is able to receive comments and corrections that will allow them to improve their book for future editions.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, VISIBILITY. The Books Machine counts on a complex automated system that works IMPARTIALLY: all authors and titles receive a fair chance, not just the best sellers. The lists of books that we offer to our readers change and adapt continuously, giving all authors and titles an equal chance at exposure.

The Books Machine has the mission to help authors in the promotion of their work and the advancement of their careers. We will be continuously adding new and powerful marketing tools which we hope will be useful in the furthering of your careers.

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