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Gretchen is a Seattleite that loves her home. She has a day job as a Program Coordinator a local university. She is a struggling Indie Author, struggling as in she is trying to make her living writing books. She loves to read, write and create characters. As well as knit and binge watch Netflix. She is also on a sporadic book blog and internet radio show with some of her college friends. She currently lives with her husband and their mischievous Rotti mix, who always seems to find something new she shouldn't be chewing on.

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    Berman's Wolves

        I still remember that night as if it were yesterday.

  • Berman's Wolves

        Lyra, Justin, and I were sprawled out on one of the large group work tables. Lyra and Justin were exchanging resources for the final papers they had for their shared lit class. I was trying desperately to cram as much stats as I could into my head for my final the next Monday.
        I remember Lyra's head shot up first. She had gone dead silent, and her expression of horror is burned into my brain.
        "Get under the table!"
        It was a loud whisper, but Justin and I didn't question it. We dove. Not two seconds later, there was a boom that shook the building—something you won't see in the official reports—books and papers sliding to the floor. I could hear my heart in my ears. My eyes locked on Lyra and grabbed her hand. The rest of my body was frozen. She looked me in the eyes as we heard people downstairs start coughing.
        "Hold your breath as long as you can!"
        Justin and I nodded. We had no idea what was going on, what was about to happen to us. I just remember the terror and the deep-seated knowledge that something very bad was happening.
        Seconds later, the panicking people around us were coughing and running downstairs. My lungs started to burn. Then people began collapsing. I squeezed Lyra's hand, but she didn't squeeze back. She couldn't comfort me in those moments because there was no comfort to give. I knew something was wrong with the air. But I was starting to see those black spots.
        Then I heard Justin gasp. I turned my head, eyes watering, fear roaring through me. He grabbed hold of both Lyra's and my other hands.

  • Berman's Wolves

    I couldn't help it, as the cries and struggling in the library started to quiet, my lungs screamed for breath and I gave in. Air filled my lungs and my body screamed with relief.
        At first nothing happened. Then my lungs began to itch. I started to cough, and distantly I could hear Justin coughing with me. My lungs began to burn. Then I blacked out. The whole thing could not have even been five minutes, but it seemed like so much longer.


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    Viking Sensitivity

        Mia stood in the clearing in a fighting stance. Her lean friend stood behind her off to the side, with an expression that resembled that of a deer in headlights.

  • Viking Sensitivity

    Three men stood a few feet away. The one who appeared to be the ringleader was shorter than the other two, with a shaved head. All three were dressed in black and glared at Mia angrily. Before Viking could make a move, the ringleader spoke.
        "We're not going to hurt you, girly. Let's just do this the easy way. You just come with us, you and your little friend. All we need from you is to grab some stuff your lady friends brought with them. Anything that will make quick cash. If you don't help us, it's going to be more painful for you than it will be for us."
        Viking watched Mia's temper flare. She didn't seem afraid of the thugs, which, in Viking's estimation, didn't necessarily seem like the best plan considering she and her friend were probably outclassed.
        "You idiots really think this is going to work for you? Best-case scenario for me is I scream bloody murder and the entire camp comes out here, cell phones in hand, all taking pictures and calling the cops. Now, will you choose not to be stupid and just hop right back over the fence and not come back?"
        Her friend was less than thrilled with this statement. It was obvious by her expression she was much more afraid and less confident than Mia.
        With a scoff, all three men ran for the girls. Viking didn't need any more of a cue than that. He burst from the trees and planted himself in front of Mia and her friend. All three thugs stopped dead two feet away. The shock on their faces told Viking they had not seen him coming and had not expected a man to be out in the woods at night.
        "I'm just going to take this opportunity to introduce myself." Viking made sure his voice was even and calm. He could easily take these guys. It would be minimal effort. But he would rather not if he didn't have to.

  • Viking Sensitivity

        "I’m the extra security hired by these campgoers to protect them from situations just like this. So if you not-so-upstanding gentleman would like to leave the way you came, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I'm going to be causing you bodily harm and you're going to spend the rest of your night in jail."
        One of the other men scoffed and lunged at Viking. Viking's warrior speed connected his fist with the other man's face before the man knew what happened. His warrior strength sent the guy falling to the ground. Viking knew he’d broken the guy's nose. The other two guys paused a moment as if contemplating whether or not to attack. They seem to think better of it, because after a moment, they hauled up their friend and all three of them ran out into the woods in the opposite direction of the cabins.
        Viking watched them go. He swore he saw a shift in the trees behind them. Not the men themselves, but something else. If Gwen had been there, he would've asked her if she saw anything. Since she was still on her pseudo-honeymoon, he had to leave it be.
        Turning around, he faced the two women. To be gentlemanly, he moved two paces back, giving the women their space.
        Mia was still in her defensive stance, eyeing him warily. She clearly hadn't decided whether he was a threat or not. He found he liked that. This pretty woman wasn't automatically going to take him at his word, but instead stayed vigilant. Her friend, on the other hand, still looked frightened but much less than before. She was eyeing Viking warily, but she was more unsure than scared.
        Viking inclined his head to the ladies. "Hello, my name is Viking. I know you don't know me, but Lucia asked me to scope out the place as extra security this weekend.

  • Viking Sensitivity

    I guess she was uncomfortable with this particular location. And since I do security for a living, she figured I would be the best addition. You don't have to believe me. You can always ask Lucia in the morning before you leave. But just to prove I don't mean you any harm, I'm going to stay right here while you ladies head back to whichever cabin you came from. That way you know I don't know which particular cabin is yours."
        He wasn't about to add that he could easily find them by tracking. That wouldn't put them at ease at all.
        Mia blinked at him a moment, trying to decide if he was a threat. Then she backed up two steps, almost running into her friend. She lowered her arms and finally looked away from him. She made eye contact with her friend before they both headed off in the direction of the cabins. The entire time they were in sight, Mia seemed to make sure she could always keep one eye on him.


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    The Doll Making Delta

        A warn breeze whipped by her as Reneé practically burst from the front doors of her office building. She paused a second to take a deep breath of the fresh Seattle air.

  • The Doll Making Delta

    The layers of her blond pixie cut fell across her face as she tilted her head back. Did she ever need a break! This had been a terrible day proceed by a terrible month. Opening her eyes she looked diagonally across the street at her own personal escape.
        Late Night Fix was a simple one story brick building with large panel windows along the two street facing walls. It was Reneé's home away from home. Not just because of its cozy atmosphere or because it hosted local events. It was her escape from work because her best friend owned it.
        Reneé didn't try to stop the grin from forming on her face as she waited at the light to cross the street. Naomi had been one of her closest friends since the two of them met in kindergarten. Their parents lived about half a mile from each other. Which meant they were with each other constantly growing up. They both received the Delta House Scholarship and even earned their MBAs together.
        Having Naomi within walking distance saved Reneé's sanity the last month or two. Even if she did not see her friend, knowing Naomi was so close was a comfort in the hostile board room.
        Reneé's father, Stan, and uncle, James, started a doll company when she was about a year old. Their flagship doll was Reneé-Gal. She grew as Reneé did, made friends, picked up hobbies. The Reneé-Gal company grew in popularity and became a regional favorite.
        About three years ago a national toy company approached her father about buying Reneé-Gal and giving her a wider audience. He and James would still be at the head of the company, they would just have people to answer to and more resources at their disposal. Stan and James discussed it for over a year before agreeing to entertain the idea.

  • The Doll Making Delta

        Her father retired six months ago after grooming Reneé to take his position. The original plan had been to wait until after the merger, but her Dad suffered a mild heart attack and everyone agreed in would be best for him to retire and relax. Now she and her uncle, who was semi-retired himself, were trying to close this merger.
        They kept hitting a wall and could not figure out why. Until Monday morning when Reneé's assistant Debbie stumbled upon emails from three junior executives sabotaging the merger and trying to negotiate one of their own. James and Reneé promptly fired all three of them on the spot.
        That, however, created a void in the workload that needed to be filled. Reneé had been pulling eighteen hour days this week, scrambling to save this merger and fill in the gaps. She was exhausted and couldn't believe it was already Thursday and she had not been to see Naomi yet. As the bell over the front door jingled, Reneé felt a weight fall off her shoulders.


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    Lady of the Dead

        Three shapes began to move toward her; they were semi-manifesting as two women and a man.

  • Lady of the Dead

        Gwen could feel power rolling from them and the hair on her body stood on end. The amount of power they possessed was frightening. She only came across beings this powerful when something was preparing for attack. Gwen stiffened; Raider and Viking might not be able to help her right away from as far back as they were. Panic began to course through her; she would put money on these being the spirits of three dead Magical Practitioners. There was no way Gwen and two Warriors could fight them off and win.
        “Viking!” Gwen called in a stage whisper. The Warrior himself would not be able to hear her, but Carter would.
        Magical Practitioners or MPs were true witches, humans who could do ‘not so human’ things. MPs could be good or bad. Gwen did not recognize these three, which meant in life they had not been local. Female MPs were stronger than male MPs; two females together would be trouble.
        Gwen began to call up as much of her power as she could. She did not understand why Viking had not reached her yet. There would be only one chance for her to land a hit before they attacked. She would have to pick one to center on and pray she could get a scream out before the other two could do too much damage. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. Luckily, practice made it possible for Gwen to squelch her growing panic...


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    Hollownton Homicide

        Anthony jolted awake in bed. What disturbed him? Did his alarm go off?

  • Hollownton Homicide

    There was a ringing noise. Turning to his left, he grabbed the phone next to his bed.
        “Anthony Hollownton.”
        That was as polite as he could be for the middle of the night. If the caller had a problem with that, he or she would have to deal with it. He looked at his alarm clock: five am. That meant he’d gotten barely more than two hours of sleep. Why would someone call him at five am?
        There was a pause on the other end.
        “Hello?” he repeated, dread beginning to curl in the pit of his stomach.
        He could hear talking on the other end, and silently pleaded that it wasn’t the same woman from earlier. He was just frustrated enough to trace the call and chew her out. He heard a male voice on the other end. and exhaled, forcing his muscles to relax one-by-one. He had to get more sleep; he was jumping to ridiculous conclusions. ...



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