Rogue's Mistress

A #1 Bestseller in Victorian Historical Romance at Kindle!

Available Again at Last: Eugenia Riley’s Breathtaking Guardian/Ward Romance Set in the Steamy Old South!


They called him “Julian the Terrible.” Handsome, well-born, and hot-blooded, Julian Devereux gambled, drank...

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Remember Me, Love?

From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author in Historical and Time Travel Romance, a Steamy Summer Read!

Molly’s ex is back in her life . . . and in her bed!

He was the love of her life, the man she gave her heart, her soul, her body to. But in giving her all, Molly Buchanan also lost herself as Nicky dominated her life and decimated her will . . . Six months ago, Molly and Nicky divorced. Now he is ...

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A Timeswept Christmas Anthology

TRAVEL BACK IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! For a limited time, Eugenia Riley's charming and touching collection, A Timeswept Christmas Anthology, is bargain priced! And Eugenia's breathtaking Embers of Time is bargain priced during this same promo!

From the Bestselling Time Travel Romance Author and Winner of the HOLT Medallion...

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Cajun Bride

From the #1 Kindle Bestselling Author in Victorian and Time Travel Romance!

Available Again at Last: Eugenia Riley’s most passionate and powerful “coming-of-age” historical romance set in sumptuous Old South Louisiana!


Orphaned at seventeen, Cajun beauty Angelique Fremont is left to the tender mercies of her profligate Uncle Giles...

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Stubborn Cinderella

From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Time Travel and Victorian Romance!

What’s a princess to do when Prince Charming shows up too soon?

Tracy O’Brien feels as if she’s just escaped from prison. The gorgeous twenty-four-year old has managed to leave small town life, earn a college degree, and now she has landed her first job in glamorous Houston. Having gained her cherished independence...

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Historical Romance



Eugenia Riley grew up in rural South Texas as a preacher’s kid, and spent much of her youth climbing trees, playing the piano, writing poetry, and reading every classical adventure story she could get her hands on. A lover of history, she lived her life in her own imagination. After graduating magna cum laude from college, she started writing passionate romances of spirited heroines who meet tormented heroes—and find true love and healing together.

Eugenia has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin, and Dorchester. She recently launched her own e-book imprint, Eugenia Riley Classics.

Eugenia has numerous historical and contemporary romances available in Kindle. She is especially renowned for her dozen time travel romances, many of them #1 Bestsellers in Time Travel and Victorian Romance at Amazon and Kindle.

Eugenia’s most recent offerings are two sumptuous and sexy historical romances, Rogue’s Mistress and Cajun Bride. Rogue’s Mistress has already hit the #1 spot at Kindle in Victorian Historical Romance.

Eugenia’s WALTZ IN TIME won her the 1998 HOLT Medallion for Best Book with a Southern Theme. She has received thousands of fan letters on her romance novels, from locations all over the world.

Eugenia lives in Texas with her husband; they have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. Readers are invited to visit Eugenia’s Website - - and to follow Eugenia Riley Classics on Facebook:

- E. Riley -
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    Remember Me, Love?

    She still loves him . . . but can she live with him?

  • Remember Me, Love?

        “You’re trembling, Molly,” Nicky whispered, seeming to know just what she was feeling. His lips were pure torture against her ear. “You’re scared again, aren’t you? Why be frightened of something as natural as my arms around you, as simple as a kiss?”
        Then his lips found hers, and she tasted his need, warm and invasive, like the tide. They glided about the dance floor on something—air, perhaps—and it amazed her that she didn’t step on his feet. Both of them moved in perfect rhythm, as one, heart to heart, mouth to mouth.
        It was a gentle kiss, but, oh, Molly thought, it wasn’t simple. Drowning in sensation, she pulled her lips from his and stared up into his eyes. They both felt it—the incredible pull between them, the flood of emotions. Trying to stop it now was like trying to hold back the raging surf. It had been so long, so very long, and now both of them were trembling, both of them wanting more, wanting everything . . .

    Copyright © 1985, 2016 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher


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    Rogue’s Mistress

    “Call me Julian.”

          “So tell me, what are you really like inside, Mercy?” Julian demanded.

  • Rogue’s Mistress

    “Are you as cold, aloof, and unforgiving as your façade? Or are you as hot and passionate as a flame—as hot as that mane of wild red hair?”
        Mercy was horrified and fascinated. “M’sieur—”
        “Damn it, girl, call me m’sieur again and I’ll see you live to regret it. Call me Julian.”
        He grasped her chin, forcing her willful eyes up to his. “Call me Julian.”
        “Hate me if you must, but you will know who I am.”
        When he kissed her again, a sob died in her throat. Her fists clenched against his back, then unclenched . . . He sensed her softening and gentled his approach, teasing his tongue in and out of her mouth. Mercy’s stomach hurt and her toes began to curl. She felt bewildered and helplessly vulnerable.
        Suddenly, his hands raked down her spine and tangled in her hair. The thumb of one hand settled on the taut nipple of her breast, stroking audaciously, while he splayed the fingers of his other hand over her bottom, pressing her into something so tantalizing and hard . . .
        Mercy was losing her mind. Her breasts throbbed where Julian touched her, and deep in the pit of her stomach, a need was gnawing, growing, and seemed to yearn traitorously for the hot instrument pulsing against her. Oh, what was wrong with her? How could she hurt so much yet feel so good, and know all the while that only he could ease this sweet, wonderful aching?
        “Say it,” he said.
        “Julian,” she sobbed.

    Copyright © 1991 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher

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    A Timeswept Christmas Anthology

    Has Nathan found his beloved bride, only to lose her forever?

  • A Timeswept Christmas Anthology

        “I don’t think I can live for another second if I don’t kiss you,” Nathan said.
        Emily’s smile was all the encouragement he needed. He leaned over and caught her lips tenderly, reverently, trying to communicate through his kiss just how precious she was to him. Her lips tasted warm, sweet, so human, and her womanly curves felt so soft and real against him.
        Sweet Lord, what exquisite torment it was to hold her this way! He could not believe she was here in his arms but he would have her for such a short time. Why had he never appreciated her before, or seen what a priceless jewel she truly was? He could experience that splendor only now, for this one magical day, and he must try not to allow his terrible guilt and fear to cloud their remaining time together . . .
        “Emily, too, savored every sensation as Nathan kissed her—the strength of his embrace, his male scent, the heat of his lips on hers. Before, Nathan had always kissed her with arrogance, with passion, even with anger. But now, he wasn’t just taking from her . . . he was truly giving of himself.
        Anguish choked her. Why couldn’t they have known such glory, such true intimacy, before during their marriage? Why was she being given, at last, the gift of her husband’s devotion, only to have it snatched away?
        Was it only her death that could bring them together?

    Copyright © 1995 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher


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    Cajun Bride

    Why does her bridegroom shun her bed?

  • Cajun Bride

        Angelique spotted her husband sitting slumped on the loveseat, his body outlined in quicksilver light. Leaning over him, she whispered his name. His eyes opened and he stared up at her.
        “Roland, I’m sorry,” she whispered achingly. “I mean—about the things I said today. They were cruel and—it’s not like me to be cruel.”
        He said nothing, just staring up at her with his beautiful, deep-set eyes, hypnotizing her. He looked sad and oddly vulnerable. After a moment, for a reason she couldn’t fathom, she leaned over and pressed her mouth gently on his—
        The next thing she knew, she was dragged down onto Roland’s lap. His mouth was hot, devouring, tasting heavily of brandy. Her senses swam in his male scent. His tongue stole into her mouth, drinking boldly of every texture and recess. She felt electrified, shaken, aroused . . . And she couldn’t have been more conscious of the fact that she was half-clothed, totally vulnerable to this powerful stranger.
        Within seconds, she was pressed beneath him on the love seat, his dark gaze burning into hers. And then he spoke—hoarse, agonized words. “Do you know why I’ve been staying away, little Cajun? Haven’t you any idea how you’ve haunted me? Oh, I want you, ma chère. I do want you so!”
        His words were tortured, the naked desire in his eyes making her heart race, and even as he spoke, a bold hand raked up her bare thigh.
        “By God, tonight you’ll find out,” he said, lowering his lips to her own . . .

    Copyright © 1990 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher


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    Stubborn Cinderella

    Is Cinderella ready for her Prince?

  • Stubborn Cinderella

        “Oh, Tracy,” Anthony whispered against her ear, “you’re so slim, but you’re curvy in all the right places.” His hands slid downward, taking her hips and fitting her against him. When he spoke again, his voice was almost alien in its intensity and need. “Is this what you want, baby? To be swept off your feet?”
        As he said the words, he picked her up and carried her to the loveseat. “Do you want a fling, Tracy, a fantasy?” he continued huskily. “Am I your fantasy lover?”
        Tracy and Anthony sank onto the loveseat together. There was an air of unreality about it all as he kissed and caressed her. His eyes, blazing with passion above her, held her in their inexorable spell. His hands loosened her hair and removed her jacket; then he pulled her hard against him, causing her to wince slightly.
        Suddenly, he sat up and ran a hand distractedly through his blond hair. “I hurt you.”
        “No, Anthony,” she said gently. “I was just a bit startled. A button on your jacket kind of pinched my, er—”
        “Tracy, you’re making me crazy,” he cut in, each word a groan. He got to his feet, his eyes bright with frustration and desire. “We need to talk.”
        “Sure, Anthony,” she said, bewildered. He certainly was a strange man, she thought to herself. First he teased her, then he practically tore at her clothes, then he pulled away. Was he angry? Frustrated? Crazy?
        Was she?

    Copyright © 1986, 2016 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher