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Integral Platform for Author Promotion
Boost your sales!
Here we will present the Promotion Platform, and the benefits it can bring to you and your work.
To generate a long term space, where authors can present and promote their works in a modern and attractive way to potential readers.
To do this, our focus will be:
To create a space to present your books, in an environment that impacts visitors from the first moment. A unique and attractive space, to promote you to fans and find a new audience on the internet.
To make this space multi-device, so it can be seen in ideal form on PCs, tablets and telephones.
To offer interactive advances to surprise and engage readers.
To work on a promotional scheme for the long term that supports the different sales strategies you engage in.
To offer a space for promotion, without needing to worry about contracting third party services.
To optimize the presence of your books in different Internet search engines.
To promote your new personalized web platform, in a monthly news email, received by readers and our community of more than 25k fans on Facebook.
To make the service available only hours after the choice of your favorite design.
Here you can see the platform and its different designs.
Click on the buttons Classic, Modern, Exotic to view them in their real size and interactive format:
Select your favorite design along with the current promotion, then send us the information about your book that we request. You can launch your new Promotion Platform in just hours, without any effort or additional work. We will take care of everything!

Once your personalized design is ready, you will receive a link with the address to your active platform, so that it starts to work for you.

Promotion Platform:


  • 1 design of choice (Classic - Modern - Exotic).

  • Multi-device availability.

  • Interactive elements.

  • Connection to social networks.

  • Special promotion and one-time mention of your new platform, in our monthly news bulletin sent to readers and shared with our community on Facebook of more than
    25k fans.

  • One time full payment, WITHOUT MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS!